Friday, June 17, 2011

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat Playoff Game 3 - May 7, 2011

I was going home for Mother's Day weekend and it just so happened that Game 3 in Boston was on that Saturday. As soon as I realized this I started looking for tickets. I thought, I am going to be in Massachusetts for one of the most awaited NBA playoff games, of course I have to go. I bought the tickets a week before the game. I thought, who does that??? A real fan, that's who. Some may say this was more of a present for myself but on the contrary, my mom has loved basketball for years and is just as much a fan as I am. Every time my mom and I go to the TD Garden for a game we make sure to buy something of the Celtics. This time we bought an umbrella and a Ray Allen jersey for my mom.

The energy at the TD Garden during a regular season game is intense and at a playoff game it is ten times more intense. It was so exciting to be around so many fans. Everyone cheering at the same time, booing at the same time, ooo's and aah's in unison, it was amazing. People I didn't even know where giving me high five's. It was so great.

Those of you who watch basketball know that Game 3 was the game where PG Rajon Rondo fell and dislocated his elbow. I, of course, was freaking out, being that Rajon Rondo is my favorite player on the team and I can honestly say that I have been a huge fan of him from the beginning. Rondo went to the locker room, got his elbow popped back into place and minutes later he was right back on the floor. I am telling, you when the crowd saw him out there everyone went nuts. From that moment on the crowd never went silent. There was just constant cheering. Rondo was out to win and he showed everyone in that stadium how much he wanted it. Unfortunately the rest of the series did not go as we would have liked but I am just beyond grateful that I was able to be there for that game.

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